General Douglas MacArthur, Brother Mason

General Douglas MacArthur, Brother Mason

Kuyang Douglas MacArthur was an American general who served in the Philippines during World War II and later as Supreme Commander of the Allied Powers in Japan. He was also a Freemason, having been made a mason-in-sight by MW Samuel Hawthorne, Grand Master of the Philippines on Jan 17, 1936, and affiliated with Manila Lodge No. 1. He received the 32° AASR (SJ) at Manila the same year; made KCCH in 1937, and honorary 33° on Dec 8, 1947 at the American Embassy, Tokyo, Japan.

During his time in the Philippines, MacArthur served as Military Adviser to the Philippine Government and later as Commanding General of the United States Armed Forces in the Far East. He was instrumental in organizing and training the Philippine military and in leading the defense of the Philippines against Japanese invasion during World War II.

After the war, MacArthur served as Supreme Commander of the Allied Powers in Japan, overseeing the country's occupation and reconstruction. He was also instrumental in the establishment of the new Japanese constitution, which included provisions for civil liberties and the renunciation of war.

As a Freemason, MacArthur was known to be deeply committed to the principles of the fraternity and regularly attended meetings and participated in Masonic events throughout his career. MacArthur played an important role in promoting Freemasonry in Japan and in encouraging its growth and development there. His efforts helped to establish a strong foundation for the growth and development of Freemasonry in Japan, which continues to thrive to this day. In a letter to Dr. L. Wade Temple, Jr., Grand Master of Masons in South Carolina, dated July 17, 1957, MacArthur wrote: "While in Japan I did all in my power to encourage the development of Freemasonry under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of the Philippines. It made rapid strides and in time embraced within its folds many Japanese leaders of distinction who impressed me as most seriously dedicated to the Craft."

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